Upgrading Your Smoking Experience

Smoking marijuana is an enjoyable experience, which is why more than 55 million American adults partake regularly. But not all marijuana experiences are the same. And while there’s a time and a place for different sorts of experience, there’s no denying that using better accessories and smoking in a more relaxed atmosphere is going to give you a better experience most of the time. It’s high time that we talked about your smoking experience — and how to make it better.

Find the weed you actually like

The advent of legal weed has changed a lot of things for smokers. One huge change is the fact that we now have access to huge amounts of information about the products we can buy. Gone are the days when a dealer would offer you something with a made-up name — or falsely tell you that one type of marijuana was another. These days, it’s all on the label.

So use those labels, and ask the knowledgeable pros at your local shop. Learn the difference between Indica and Sativa, the two major strains of marijuana. You’ll find full Indicas, full Sativas, and all manner of hybrids at your local shop. Different hybrids have different balances of Indica and Sativa effects. And individual strands have reputations for different balances of effects that can get even more specific than Indica/Sativa balance. Try out different strands and pinpoint the stuff that makes you feel the best. It’s worth experimenting a bit to find the perfect match.

Invest in better accessories

For casual marijuana users, things such as glassware and grinders are not things that feel like they should be luxury items. Plenty of marijuana users are still enjoying their drug of choice in an old bowl that they bought years ago.

That’s OK, but you should consider upgrading your stuff. A nicer grinder could give you a finer grind and a more effective, efficient, and enjoyable smoking experience. Brand-name glass like the great stuff from hisi glass will last longer, look better, and have more features that make smoking easy and enjoyable. And don’t forget about vaporizers. You’ll find lots of affordable brand-name vapes out there, and switching from smoking to vaping can give you a more pleasant experience. There’s less to clean up, less of a lingering smell, and fewer steps between you and your ideal experience. On top of that, experts believe that vaping is generally safer and healthier than smoking is.

Class up your gear and storage

Let’s face it: marijuana accessories can look a little juvenile. That’s OK — we’ve got solutions. Upgrading to brand-name glassware or vape products in the way that we just talked about will help you class up things and shed a little stoner stigma. Complete the process by upgrading your storage.

A decent stash box will go a long way toward making your routine and smoking environment more dignified and, perhaps, a bit more relaxing and enjoyable. Invest in a decent design and get a nice storage box made of wood, metal, or ceramic. Fit everything inside neatly, and — this part is important — keep everything clean. Yeah, we know that you’re saving that resin, but consider removing it and cleaning your bong. It will make for a nicer experience and a nicer look. That’s a nice thing to have when you’re smoking along and a must-have feature for smoking with friends. You don’t want to be self-conscious about your gear when you’re trying to relax!

Marijuana is a wonderful drug, but how you use it will have a major effect on how much you enjoy it. If you find your ideal strand, invest in great gear, and keep everything classy and neat, you’ll have a better experience.

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