Hot water heater installation question

Hot water heater installation question


Recently had my hot water heater replaced, it was 22 years and is located on the second floor of my house (odd place I know, but that's how they're all installed in this subdivision) so I decided to have it replaced for peace of mind.

Company that installed it advised upgrading from the existing 40 gallon to a larger 50 gallon tank, price was negligible so we agreed.

I was not there for the installation but my wife was. First thing I noticed was the drip pan was missing. They removed the old one but did not replace/reinstall it. They told my wife their reasoning for no pan was "we barely fit the new tank in".

Considering this is on our second floor, would this be a code violation (plumbing code 504.7)?

I'm not a plumber but is this cause for concern?

Edit: Thanks for your reply's guys, you have confirmed what I suspected.

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