2019 Interior Design Trends to Try Out This Year

A new year means a time for a fresh start. New beginnings are all around you, including in your home, and even though spring cleaning is a while away, it doesn’t mean you can’t get started by giving your home a new look.

Starting a new year is a great time to update your home, especially with these 2019 interior design trends that you should definitely try out.

Textured wallpaper

Say goodbye to the accent wall and welcome a wallpaper that makes a statement on all four walls. Textured wallpaper can really bring excitement to a room without feeling overwhelming, but this is only if you choose a neutral print with a subtle design. This will bring a cohesiveness to the room and with it, you won’t need too many additional accessories as the wallpaper will speak for itself.

Black and white everywhere

In the interior design world, there is nothing more classic than simple black and white. This is because the contrast of both colors bring a sense of balance and and boldness to any size room. If you’re in a design rut and don’t know what to do, pick elements in this color scheme. Not only does it look classy and sophisticated, but black and white can be tailored to any room in your home, from the nursery to the dining room.

Mixing metals

2018 was a year for monotone and matching everywhere. This year, we’ll see mixed metals reign supreme, so don’t be afraid to have fun. When decorating, don’t be shy and choose gold, silver, and copper tones for your faucets and fixtures. Just make sure the rest of your room is neutral so that it doesn’t feel haphazard.

A new way to look at photos

Gone are the days where all you have on your walls are framed photographs of your family. Instead, print out your photo on a canvas print! You can easily buy canvas prints online with any dimension, so go ahead and create an unique gallery wall. You’ll bring texture to the room and give visitors a great way to view all of your fun family memories.

Open cabinetry

You have spent a lot on your crockery, silverware, and flatware, so why not show it off? Open cabinets are the best way to do so, especially in a nice cherry or mahogany wood. As an extra bonus, having open cabinetry will force you to only display what you actually use and need, giving you an excuse to get rid of excess items cluttering your kitchen.

Rich velvet and textiles

Velvet is a great material for all seasons, but only seems to gain popularity in the cold months. Ignore this rule and splurge for velvet all over your home. This luxe fabric is not only warm and inviting, it gives a feeling of depth to the room, which is great if you have a smaller area to work with. Our favorite tip? Choose one velvet piece in a rich jewel tone and one in a pastel. They’ll compliment each other beautifully and will be great for all seasons.

Handmade pieces

Hit up your local craft show and pick up a few handmade pieces by local artisans. You’ll want some pieces that really stand out and pack a punch. Find something that can’t be found in stores and you’ll have a piece of your hands that can be used for years to come.

With these trends in mind, your home will look new and bright for the new year! So get to decorating, and have fun.  

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