Help! Rinsed muddy shoes in shower, now water not draining

2 valve radiators


Hey guys, it's currently 4am so if I don't make sense I do apologise and will clear anything up in the morning.

Basically, in the UK right now we're having our 10 minutes of summer, but I can't get any reprieve thanks to my radiator not turning off. Had a look online and found out that I've got an old school thermo valve (the smaller turning valve, not the massive ones with the numbers on it. Has "WASP TEN" written on it if that helps) on the right hand side which is turned all the way clockwise and a lock shield on the left hand side.

Should I have one of each on either side? I feel like having both is overkill (if they have individual jobs then feel free to let me know. Everyday's a school day). Also, am I safe just to turn the lock shield off? Watched a couple of YT videos and they kept mentioning minor disclaimers like bleeding radiators, air build up, explosions, nuclear Armageddon, etc. I live in rented accommodation so would prefer to not blow up the house.

Look forward to hearing from you guys, providing I haven't turned completely into a puddle by morning.

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