10 Fun Props For Your Party Photo Booth

Photo booths at a party give you something to keep the kids occupied, but they’re also a great way to make memories. The best way to keep things fun is to get some props to put in the photo booth that inspire smiles and a bit of memorable clowning around. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

Emoji masks

You can use these to extend the fun by letting the kids craft their emoji before they take it into the booth. All you need to provide are the scissors, some glue, and plenty of construction paper. You’ll need yellow paper, obviously, but you can also use some red and brown for cutting out eyes and mouths.

Famous photo booth

Let the kids take their picture with a politician, music icon, or movie star — or at least, you can make it look that way. Print out an image of the star you have in mind and blow it up. If the kids are younger, try using their favorite cartoon characters or characters from movies they love instead.

Superhero masks

Kids love superheroes, and whether their favorite is Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, they can live the dream for a few minutes while getting their photo taken. To keep it inexpensive, print out the masks you want and affix them to sticks. You can also get inexpensive masks at discount stores.

Theme buckets

Fill a bucket with items the kids can hold, all based around a theme. You can go with child favorites like Legos or Barbie, build a theme around their favorite movies or games like Star Wars or Minecraft, or make the bucket reminiscent of certain places like the beach or a picnic.

Silly glasses

An array of silly glasses always makes for a great photo. You can buy inexpensive glasses with nearly any look you can imagine, or make your own. You can also rent glasses or even glow-in-the dark models when you rent your booth.

Mustachioed gentlemen

The internet is a treasure trove of printables, and you can find silly mustaches, beards, and goatees in nearly any style you’d like. Print off some for your guests to wear, glue them onto sticks, and then add some funny hats or a cane.

Princess dreams

Lots of kids have their favorite cartoon or fairy tale princess. Big box stores often have generic princess dresses available, or you can rent some when you get your Long Island photo booth rental. Don’t forget to also get some tiaras, necklaces, and scepters for your royal attendees.

Giant googly eyes

All you need are some paper plates and old clocks, and you can make hilarious googly eyes that every child will want to take into the photo booth with them.

Build a backdrop

Rather than give the kids props, you can ask them to come dressed in a certain way and provide an awesome backdrop that they’ll be dying to have their photo taken with. Try making a cardboard race car, castle, or starship interior. You can even put the kids in “jail” for the picture.

Draw your own

If you provide a large chalkboard with a hole in the middle, kids can put their face through it to have their picture taken. Either let them draw on the chalkboard themselves before putting their face in, or have an artistic friend (or even hired professional) draw a unique picture for each child.

A photo booth will give you, your child, and all your guests something to remember for years to come. Don’t leave the final finished photos to chance, however. Make sure to provide some props so you can be sure of getting the perfect picture.

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